Stanley Mulenga, Founder

Since 2004, we have led the effort to distribute government sponsored medication and medical care throughout Kitwe, Zambia.


Our Mission

Provide free individualized care, treatment, and support across all facets of personal well-being to vulnerable Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS patients.


Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) is a faith based nonprofit organization registered in Zambia (ORS/102/66/4626). It was formed with the sole purpose of providing charitable services to the needy, especially people suffering from HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB).

CAM is based in Kitwe, Zambia where it operates with and within surrounding communities to meet various spiritual and physical needs across society. The ministry provides counseling, medicine, and nutritional support as well as transportation to health centers. Workers visit patients in their neighborhoods and homes and encourage adherence to medical treatment on a daily basis. When need arises, CAM also provides accommodation to the neediest patients in the community.

Chinchi wababili tekuba, Chinchi uliweka
— A rope of two cords intertwined is stronger and will prevail longer than that of one ― Bemba proverb

We integrate medical outreach with disease education, nutritional care, and spiritual support through a network of community advocates.


  • Provide nutritional support to vulnerable TB and HIV/AIDS patients in Kitwe District.

  • Provide accommodation to patients in various communities.

  • Carry out home visits to patients to promote adherence to TB drugs and HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals (ARVs) through Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS).

  • Arrange transportation and access to health centers for diagnoses and medical reviews.
  • Counsel patients and encourage them with spiritual support and a strong community network.

  • Promote HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and sensitization in the communities through counseling, testing, and care (CTC).



A generation free of TB and HIV/AIDS