Successful initiatives for patient well-being and a healthy community.



The backbone of our community outreach is delivery of medicine, food, friendship, cheer, and spiritual counseling to critical locations around Kitwe.  CAM builds networks with local neighborhood representatives to maintain up-to-date logistical planning and persistence of its message of hope and support to the patients.



No one is left behind.  CAM works very closely with the government health ministry to deliver care to patients, and patients to care.



Sensitization to the facts about TB, HIV/AIDS, and related illnesses is critical for cultural understanding as well as building prudent individual habits.  CAM workers incorporate information sessions during distribution visits as well as in dedicated forums in the community.


The Elizabeth Rini Medical Center

Donated by Dr. Liz from the USA, this shelter is sponsored by the government of Kitwe and is located next to the Buchi chest clinic.  These headquarters allow CAM to work as a direct intermediary between public health care and deep community outreach.  It provides a location for transportation, education, access to testing and medication, and management of activities.  We are so grateful to our wonderful sponsors for gifting us with their love and support!


The Future:  A Complete Care Center!

CAM is working diligently towards the dream of building a fully functional, multi-faceted Health Care Center in Zamtan.  The land has been prepared, and fundraising continues to establish this monumental milestone in government-backed community health service for Zambia!



CAM supports Zambian health and wellness policy planning and participates in fundraisers and awareness events, such as World TB Day.  Staff receive training through regional programs such as AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa – ARASA.   Stan has offered testimony in government discussions and maintains goal alignment between the NGO community and public services.  CAM also partners with local industry to achieve community goals, empowering Zambians from all backgrounds to work for each other in the fight against disease.

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