May 2012 Rini Medical Center Progress

Dedication day is soon!

This is the front view of the Medical center. We have fixed all the windows and door frames that we have procured, 6 burglar bars for all the windows, a big double door French frame which are waiting to be fixed this month of May so that we can remain with fixing of the doors and painting the whole center. We suggested that we will use cream white to paint the outside wall and use light yellow to paint the inside wall for it to have that exquisite and beautiful appearance! We have done a lot of good and beautiful work on the center and I’m sure you will be happy to see how it has turned out to be from the time we sent you the previous pictures in the newsletter. What are remaining are little final touches of perfection and we will be done with this project.

(L-R) Stanley Mulenga CAM director with one of the inspectors from the ministry of health in Kitwe

(L-R) Stanley Mulenga CAM director with one of the inspectors from the ministry of health in Kitwe

We have fixed 2 big window frames with two big burglar bars in front of the center. We have also fixed a French double door frame with two burglar bars and two grill doors at the entrance of the medical center as you can see on the picture above. According to TB infection control guidelines, a TB disease treatment center should have adequate air ventilation to avoid TB infection and re-infection. The medical center looks extremely beautiful with this well thought-out design. We are so glad that the ministry of health has recommended us so greatly for this milestone achievement in TB and HIV/AIDS treatment in Kitwe District in Zambia

The welder welding four window frames. We are fixing two window frames with two burglar bars on two sides of the center and two with two burglar bars at the back of the center on Friday 15th June this week.

These are the four window frames that the welder has made with the iron bars that we bought, for the back and the sides of the center. We will only pay the welder for his labor and it is a bit cheap that way. We want to ensure that this place is safe from any form of burglary and theft.

These are the four remaining window spaces where we will be fixing the burglar bars and the window frames on Friday this week. We have plastered both the inside and the outside of the center. After fixing the window frames, we will then paint the entire building. We will first paint it with water paint which is the undercoat and thereafter paint the external wall with cream white and the internal with light yellow to give it an exquisite appearance!

We have also bought 4 IT6 iron sheets. We want to fill the spaces on the sides of the roof of the building. We would have used planks but they would have been so expensive to finish covering both spaces. We will drill these triangular sides( iron sheets) for the provision of air ventilation.

We have also purchased cement blocks for the partitioning of the departments /rooms inside the center and the bricklayers Uncle Sam and Isaac and other helpers are at the center building and demarcating the center inside with these blocks. The Center will have 7 departments/rooms. We will have the Reception room/lounge, the ART screening and counseling room, the ART dispensary, a food store, the Accounts room and the Administration room. The center will also have the veranda/corridor outside where patients will be waiting to be attended to as an OPD1.

What we are remaining with to do are:

  1. Putting the glass panes in the window frames
  2. Purchasing the five door frames for the department rooms
  3. Purchasing planks for making 7 doors. Cliff our carpenter will make them for us free of Charge
  4. Purchase paint and paint the whole center
  5. Purchase particle boards and fix the ceiling board